Oz Terroir

Direct from the source 

At Oz Terroirs, we taste (sometimes intensely!) and carefully select every single wine in our portfolio. Nothing is purchased from a catalogue...

We travel regularly to Australia to visit the wineries and meet with the people behind the wines to get to know them, listen to their stories and understand their philosophies & visions. This is very important to us and will always be our approach.

Our wines are purchased directly from the producers, exported & imported to Hong Kong, where we store them in our HKQAA certified wine storage. No middleman. We look after everything ourselves and this is why we can guarantee the provenance of our wines.

Small batches - Rare & limited availability

We strongly believe in the notion of Terroirs and the connection between the people, the land and the elements as a condition to produce exceptional wines - wines that tell a story with a sense of place. To be able to maintain a connection with the Terroirs and get the stories directly from the makers, we work only with boutique producers.

Our amazing wines are produced in small quantities - rarely more than a few hundred cases - and are highly sought-after by Australian wine aficionados. To be able to please (almost) everyone, the allocations are small and the volumes we manage to extract from Australia are tiny, so stocks are very limited. 

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